10 Surprising Things About South Korea

South Korea has many things to offer more than the great food it has, more than the super slick technology and super fastest internet it has, and more than superior entertainment it has. It is a great country brimming with nature’s hidden gem, unique culture, and a whirlwind history.

There are a few things about South Korea that definitely deserves to be known to the world that perhaps, you don’t hear of until such time you are really experiencing everyday life in this beautiful country.

Here are 10 surprising things that perhaps you didn’t know about traveling to SOUTH KOREA.

Korean foods are NOT all spicy

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In contrast to the common thought of most people that Korean foods are very spicy, most foods they have actually can be eaten even if you’re not into spicy foods. Perhaps, you’ll be surprised to taste the level of sweetness in many foods and it’s greater than what you expected. From pickled vegetables to drinks to marinated beef – and even potato chips – so many foods in Korea taste very sweet.

Eating out is inexpensive 

If you’re thinking that it would cost you so much eating out in Korea, then again you’re wrong. You’ll be surprised and amazed at how large, nice meals cost very much inexpensively. Eating out is a big part of the culture in South Korea, and you’ll witness it once you visit the LAND OF THE MORNING CALM.

When it comes to the prices in the grocery store, however, they are not all that cheap, especially if it’s a fresh produce product. A few things would presumably be less expensive if ever that you buy them at a traditional market.

Public transportation is also really cheap and easy for you to use

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Transportation is not a big problem for you when visiting South Korea. They’re actually easy to use and the fares are literally cheap. The country’s bus system and subway are integrated so that transferring between trans-lines will be much simpler.

They have a so-called T-Money card which can be used in any transits, including taxis. You just have to pre-loaded it with funds. Additionally, a Korean bank card – is considered a new top choice.  You just have to scan to get you onto any travel vehicle and then, debit the fare directly from your bank account. 

And if you’re thinking about the language, don’t worry because transit signs are in both Korean and English, though there are certain lines that signs and announcements for stops are in Korean only. This implies you need to give close attention so as not to miss your stop. Naver– the most popular navigation app in Korea. It’s easy to use and has good transit directions for you to follow.

Most rides on the transport or subway will only cost you KRW 1,250, which is equivalent to simply over $1.  You can easily get multiple transfers for this price or you just have to add some little extra, depending on how far you’re traveling. If you’re planning to visit other provinces or places outside the city, it will cost you about KRW 34,000/person (about $30) for a roundtrip already.

There are so many coffee shops around South Korea

Typically, when thinking about Asia, the first drink that comes into your mind is TEA. And if you’re an avid tea drinker, then perhaps you’re anticipating to find so many tea shops in South Korea when finally visiting the country.

Yes, there are also a lot of tea shops around to have some sip of tea, yet damn are there are certainly so many many coffee shops around. It feels like espresso is important to Koreans. They may not all be Starbucks, however, you can discover and find them every corner, everywhere. 

There’s much more to kimchi than meets the eye 

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If you didn’t have time to visit South Korea, then you’re thinking that there are only a few varieties of kimchi. But, there are actually 250 different types of kimchi, which answers the question of how kimchi can be versatile enough to be added into so a wide range of kinds of South Korean dishes! Regardless of where or when you’re eating a meal, a side of kimchi will always be added.

Kimchi is a fermented dish that can be made using a variety of seasonings and vegetables relying on your preferences. This is also good for digestive health, so Koreans are way on the ball for making it a part of their everyday meal. 

Medical Tourism 

One of the fascinating facts when talking about South Korea is that it is a famous destination for medical tourism, particularly speaking of cosmetic surgery. Based on some reports, most individuals are coming to South Korea to have their looks enhanced during a short trip.

Whenever you’re walking down the streets in a major city like Seoul in South Korea, you’ll always see a sign for 성형외과 (seonghyeongoegwa), which signifies “plastic surgery”. 

Plastic Cash 

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Not exclusively is South Korea one of the most wired nations in the world, but at the same time, it’s one of the places with a record of highest credit card usage.

On the off chance that you’ve visited South Korea previously, you’ve presumably seen that it’s hard to find a place that doesn’t acknowledge and accept credit cards. Food delivery, taxis, and practically all cafés are set up to accept credit cards when it comes to fees, fares, or payments.

If you want to live in South Korea and you don’t have a credit card yet, getting one is definitely considered a worthwhile investment.

Food Delivery is Taken VERY Seriously in South Korea

In case you’re a fan of ordering food to be delivered in front of your doorstep, you’ll become hopelessly enamored with the way in which South Korea handles food delivery.

The food delivery service in South Korea can be considered as a truly outstanding delivery service in the world. Regardless of whether you’re ordering food from a Korean grill restaurant or a drive-through restaurant, you will most likely have your food delivered to you by means of an employee on a motorcycle.

The best part about the motorcycle is that it implies they can absolutely squeeze in between vehicles and crisscross through traffic, so they’ll get to you way more rapidly than if your food was being delivered on four wheels rather than two! 

You can drink anyplace – and it literally means anyplace! 

While most Western nations have probably a few guidelines on where you can and can’t drink out in the open or public place, South Korea is a firm adherent to the freedom to drink any place you want. Do you feel like drinking on public transport? What about drinking while you’re walking in the middle of the street? Don’t worry about it, because no rule says it’s not allowed. 

Jaywalking isn’t a thing in South Korea

When talking jaywalking, perhaps everyone seems guilty about it. Although it’s overly normal in different parts of the world, you WON’T discover or find jaywalking during your visit to South Korea. This is one of the fascinating facts about South Korea that may set aside a bit of time and effort to become acclimated to. 

South Koreans are aware and very respectful to traffic and pedestrian laws, so they’ll sit tight for visual signs that they’re permitted to go across the street, regardless of whether the street is clear of any car or vehicle!

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