10 Surprising Things About Thailand

Thailand is known worldwide for its superb limestone cliffs, charming locals, and picture-postcard seashores and coastlines.  A great country that offers a lot of extraordinary things to everyone who wishes to visit this wonderful place.

Additionally, the thirteenth FRIENDLIEST COUNTRY of the world unquestionably has more to offer than meets the eye.  Numerous things would always be new, strange, and diverse to anyone who doesn’t have the chance yet to come to this amazing place.

So, here are lists of 10 surprising things that perhaps you didn’t know about traveling to the LAND OF THE SMILES.

There is a yearly festival dedicated entirely to monkeys


It may sound amusing and surprising but in November,  there is a yearly Lopburi Monkey Banquet that is said to be hosted before Pra Prang Sam Yot sanctuary in the region of Lopburi.

Local people welcome more than 600 monkeys to feast on a buffet of more than two tons of tasty food that has all been affectionately prepared by the local people. Tropical fruits, rice, grilled sausages, salad, and even ice cream are all the menu prepared for monkeys on the said day of the festival. The celebration is facilitated out of the belief that best of luck will follow from treating the fuzzy animals with much respect. 

Moreover, local people do it as a way of saying thank you to the monkeys who carry a huge number of travelers and tourists to the city every year. Each one of the individuals who like any monkey business will get a giant kick out of this uncommon celebration. 

Recognized as a home to a fish that can walk on land 

Truth be told, the Cryptotora thamicola utilizes its two front and two back blades to drive itself up the waterfalls and  it even walks on land in a similar way that any four-footed creature would. This is pretty amazing as the Cryptotora thamicola’s skeletal variations for walking have never been seen in such a fish before now. Despite the fact that the cavefish’s anatomy is being described and compared to ‘salamander-like’, the cavefish is really considered a distant relative of the usually known pet goldfish. 

The world’s greatest Chinatown (with the world’s biggest gold Buddha)


Bangkok’s Chinatown is generally recognized as the largest in the world and any individual who has invested energy exploring the unlimited rear entryways of this sprawling area is probably not going to oppose this idea. 

This place is locally known as Yaowarat, Chinatown in Bangkok, and is said to be the home of over 1,000,000 ethnic Chinese, ordinarily of the second or third generation. In the daytime, shops and stores sell items at probably the least expensive costs in the city and around evening time the area is changed into such referred as STREET FOOD HEAVEN, with merchants extending off into the distance, or possibly until darkened by the traffic. 

If you’re an inquisitive tourist and looking for a place to wander around, Yaowarat is definitely one of the most vibrant and fascinating places for you to visit

On top of this, Chinatown additionally flaunts the largest strong gold Buddha in the world, according to the record.  Housed inside Wat Traimit, the 5.5-ton Buddha was covered up inside plaster for a very long time (specifically, a hundred years) and was possibly found when it was accidentally dropped while moving it. 

There is Daily National Anthem

Try to wait at a SkyTrain station at exactly 8:00 a.m., then you’ll start to notice that everybody is standing up.

The national anthem of Thailand is played every day (at 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.) all through the nation in schools and public places alongside across all TV and radio broadcasts. In case you’re in a spot where the national anthem will be played, stand up quietly and respectfully with every other person. 

Remember, NO LIQUOR on specific days 

Despite the fact Thailand has a party reputation, there is really an astonishing number of times when the offer of liquor is taboo at stores, and once in a while even bars, for instance, during the political elections, important Buddhist holidays, and even every day among 12 PM and 11:00 a.m. then again, during  2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

So if ever you’re planning to visit Thailand one day and have some time to drink and relax, better to carefully plan your beverage purchasing.

Expect that, you will be taking your shoes off a lot

You’ll always take your shoes off when visiting Thailand’s traditional temples, to enjoy the nation’s popular spas and massage shops, and even to smaller guest houses.

The nationwide practice can be seen in any place starting from private homes to even students in the school who take their shoes off and line them up outside prior to going into the study hall. Considering this, make a point to bring shoes that are useful and good for walking, however that can likewise be sneaked off quickly as you’ll immediately get bothered if you need to sit down to untie and retie your shoes a few times.

There are so many many coffee shops or bistros… yet they don’t open early 

Thailand isn’t really popular when it comes to COFFEE, but if you’re heading throughout the North direction, where coffee grows in the hills, there’s actually a flourishing bistro culture there. 

While there are shifting degrees of quality to coffee– now and then you’ll taste a flat white that equally tastes to any found in Melbourne and at different times, you’ll get an espresso blended in with dried creamer and sugar – you don’t have to stress over going uncaffeinated.  But what makes things sound annoying is that numerous cafes don’t seem to open until some other time in the morning around 9:00 or 10:00 a.m. 

There’s sugar (and MSG) in everything

Undeniably, Thai food is very mouthwatering and delicious, but it actually has it’s a little secret. There’s always a couple of piling spoons of oil, sugar, and MSG in every plate of street-side phad Thai.

While you can have a go at requesting it to not be added, it’s usually best to quiet down and just enjoy your meal.

Home to an exorbitantly expensive delicacy produced using saliva

The sea-salty briny flavor of swiftlet nest– popularly known as one of the most expensive, coveted, and sought after delicacies on the planet is actually made using the strands of saliva from the male cave-dwelling swiftlet bird.

Maybe not for everybody, these nests are being collected from Thai caves and are being charged at more than USD 900 for each pound. These nests are risky to collect, difficult and painstaking to prepare, and as per traditional Chinese medication, have a long and broad rundown of medical health benefits for the individuals who can manage the cost of the salty dish. 

Known for being the smallest and biggest and everything in between

In addition to the fact that Thailand is home to one-10th of the species on the planet yet, it is likewise home to the smallest mammal, biggest fish, and the largest living reptile on earth. 

Craseonycteris thonglongyai – the smallest mammal that weighs only a teensy-tiny two grams and can be found living happily in Thailand. There are also many whale sharks down below the sea, recorded as the biggest fish in the world.

What’s more, another fascinating fact about Thailand is that it is likewise the jungle gym of the biggest living lizard on the planet – known as the monitor lizard, which can grow up to 7 feet.

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