The Most Beautiful Villages in Thailand to Visit

Tourists flock to Thailand for its magnificent beaches, luscious jungles, and fascinating cities. And while these are perfect vacation itineraries, Thailand has so much to offer aside from popular urban destinations. One thing we’d love for everyone to take on a look is the picturesque villages in Thailand, situated in the country’s rural side. 

The Most Beautiful Villages in Thailand

We assure you that going off course your urban route and venturing into the beauty of rural life will double the satisfaction. There are a lot of things and elements that can only be found in villages in Thailand that will surely appease your adventurous heart. 


Lamphun was once an ancient location, it was the northernmost outpost of the Mon Dvaravati Kingdom. Lamphun is an important defensive post for Queen Chama Thevi, one of Thailand’s most celebrated rulers. An old fortress sits at the destination that serves as a guard to the ancient temples. Generally, the city does not promote or celebrate its history but still, it is a magnificent place to visit as you’ll be able to see the stunning Mae Kuang River. 

Villages in Thailand

Chiang Saen

Located in northern Thailand and just south of the Golden Triangle, a once ghost town is slowly gaining back its life. Chiang Saen is one of the most important cities of Lanna Kingdom. The city has been through tough times as it has been sacked and conquered multiple times according to history. Fortunately, in 1900, the city has seen repopulation, however, signs of the violent past are still present. 

Villages in Thailand


The city of Phetchaburi is surrounded by the thick rainforest of Kaech Krachan National Park. It’s not too far from Bangkok, however, it’s not a tourist-flocked destination. Instead, you’ll see Thai students on day trips, learning about their history and culture since Phetchaburi is one of the most historic nations in the country. 

As you arrive in Phetchaburi, you can still see traces of the Khmer, Sukhothai and Ayuthaya kingdoms, as well as ancient artifacts. 

Villages in Thailand


Three hours north of Bangkok (and hidden within a jungle!) is one of Thailand’s oldest cities, Lopburi. It was first founded during the Dvaravati period between the 6th and 10th centuries. Most visitors would spend their time in the Old Town, where the ancient architecture of the Khmer and Ayuthaya is still present and preserved, as well as a huge colony of crab-eating macaque monkeys. Lopburi is also surrounded by stunning sunflower fields and caves. 

Wang Nam Khiao

If you want to see a touch of Switzerland without leaving Asia then you need to visit Wang Nam Khiao of Thailand. It is a mountain town in Nakhon Ratchasima filled with luscious greenery and blooming vineyards. There are waterfalls, flower fields, and farms nearby as well. Everywhere you look you’ll be greeted with stunning views of nature as well as Thailand’s freshest air. 

Chiang Khan

In Northern Thailand’s province of Loei, you’ll be able to locate Chiang Khan, a picturesque area that sits beside the mighty Mekong River. Generally, the peaceful and small town has few international tourists so if you want to immerse yourself in rural and locals, then Chiang Khan is a wonderful destination to consider.

The town is lined with traditional wooden houses and vendors that sell a wide range of handicrafts and food. Over the Mekong, you’ll be able to sight the perfect sunrise and visit historic temples as you watch over the gorgeous sunset. 


Situated along the Thai Gulf in Nakhon Si Thammarat Province is Khanom, a seaside area that attracts few foreign tourists but is extremely popular with locals. It is a favorable holiday destination with scenic views of the ocean and nearby islands. It is a quiet fishing village where you get to freshly cough seafood, as well as tour nearby caves and bathe in gorgeous waterfalls. 

Koh Kret

Koh Kret is a river village close to Bangkok where you’ll be able to observe a different way of living. It’s simpler and quieter, the complete opposite of city life. You get to enjoy a peaceful walk that’ll lead you to different patches of greenery and humble homes. There are also interesting religious spots to visit, as well as old kilns, pottery communities, and a flourishing market. 


If you are interested in the history of the Lanna Kingdom, then we highly suggest you visit Lampang. This village is located in the north of the country and will make you feel as if you’ve entered an entirely different era. In this town, you’ll still be able to see horses as a mode of transportation, as well as a good number of ancient buildings and temples. 

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