The Best Cities in South Korea

Looking at South Korea now, it’s hard to imagine that this thriving and developed country was once ranked as one of the world’s poorest states. In less than fifty years, it has undergone one of the largest economic transformations and is now ranked in the top 10 largest world economies. Innovation and technology are the key factors that fueled its economic growth and the nation slowly transitioned from palaces and traditional temples to high rise buildings and smart automation. Scenic South Korea is now a coveted tourist destination with many travelers wondering what are the best cities in South Korea to visit. 

The Best Cities in South Korea: 5 Must-Visit Destinations

While South Korea’s rural areas are a joy to visit, some tourists prefer the hustle and bustle of large cities. The tall buildings, neon lights, energetic nightlife, and crowded streets are still what a good number of travelers live for. 

If you are one of those that like lively and hectic environments, here are the best cities in South Korea that you must visit. 


Who doesn’t want to visit Seoul? Famous for being South Korea’s capital, it is home to over 25 million people and has countless things to offer. It is a magnificent and modern city with a duo personality. One moment it’s all about skyscrapers, gigantic shopping malls, and busy night markets, and on the other, you’d find yourself still surrounded by ancient palaces and traditional temples. It is also the city to go to if you are a food hunter yourself with tons of restaurants and street stalls that offer only the most exquisite South Korean cuisine. 

You don’t seem to run out of things to do in Seoul and we promise you, a lot of people can vouch for that. 

Best Cities in South Korea


If you are up to visiting South Korea’s major cities, Busan has to be on the list. It is the second-largest city in the country and is one of its major ports. Busan is a must-visit destination due to its breathtaking scenery, lush forests and mountains, and pretty beaches. 

Similar to Seoul, Busan also offers different facets. One side is the busy industrial area and on the other is the beautiful Gamcheon Cultural Village, an area littered with colorful houses built on the foothills of a coastal mountain. 

Though it is famous for its beaches, a lot of people find Busan’s historical sites gems to visit, like the Beomeosa Temple, packed with hot springs, seafood restaurants, and numerous outdoor activities. 

Best Cities in South Korea

Jeju City

As Jeju Island’s largest city, Jeju City is the touchpoint for travelers who aim to visit the wonder and beauty of the island. It has a wonderful climate, making it a popular tourist destination during the summer where people get to enjoy hotels, casinos, and the island’s amazing nightlife. 

While most attractions are found outside of the city, Jeju City is still a charming location to stay in if you are looking for wonderful restaurants, boutiques, and comfortable accommodations. The city is often used as a base for travelers who are looking to explore the other parts of the island. 

One popular honeymoon destination is Jeju Loveland, an adult-only theme park that is often the highlight of some couples’ Jeju journey. 


40 kilometers from Seoul lies the country’s third-largest city. Historically, Incheon has a massive port that was used by American soldiers in 1950 to recapture South Korea’s capital during the Korean War. Currently, this city plays a huge part in Korea’s rapid growth as one of the country’s centers of industrialization by opening its port to the world. 

It is a wonderful city to tour with the busy Chinatown and tons of shops, restaurants, and bars. Incheon is also the home to the oldest temple in the country, the Jeondeungsa, with its old but lovely architecture and a beautiful waterfront for tourists to enjoy. 


Daejeon’s growth over the last few decades has placed it into one of the largest cities in South Korea. It is a significant place for science and research as it is the home of the large Expo Park complex, a government effort to promote Daejeon’s science industry. 

Unfortunately, Daejeon is also known for its urban sprawl, but don’t let this get to you. It is still the location to go to if you are looking into exploring interesting museums, especially with the National Science Museum’s amazing exhibits. And of course, your Daejeon trip is incomplete if you haven’t visited Yuseong Hot Springs and bathed in its relaxing thermal waters. 

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