When is the Best Time to visit South Korea?

Spring months of April, May and June, and autumn months of  September, October, and November are viewed as the best season to go and visit the land of the morning calm. Typically, during these two seasons days are radiant and dry with comfy average temperatures. 

Nevertheless, the best and ideal time to visit Seoul relies upon what you’re wanting to see and do on your travel goals. South Korea has four particular seasons, which implies that every month it brings new activities as well as new weather. 

You can always go and witness the beauty of fall leaves in Namsan Park during October or to go out to do shopping at Dongdaemun Night Market on a warm spring night, every season offers so much uniqueness and has a lot of charms.

Why is it better to visit Korea in Spring? (April to June)

Oftentimes, Spring is well-known as the best season to visit South Korea, with average everyday temperatures a wonderful 15 – 18°C. During this season, the flowers are already in bloom and green spaces are washed in the superb tints of the pink cherry blossoms, specifically in the city of Gyeongju. The climate is the most drastically averse to be inclement and, accordingly, a lot of festivals, celebrations, and occasions can be discovered that are all about to take place. 

You can join local people going to the hills and making the numerous National Parks, for instance, Seoraksan, Songnisan, and Jirisan. You can expect radiant days however you ought to likewise depend on the crowd as it is the most well-known time to visit South Korea.

Here are a few lists of best places to see the cherry blossoms in Seoul

  • Yeouido Park

Annually, Yeouido Park hosts the Spring Flower Festival that you can’t miss when visiting Korea. Plus, it’s one of the city’s most popular cherry blossom beautiful viewing spots.

  • Children’s Grand Park

It is a zoo, and a botanical garden as well as a nice place for you to finally see the cherry blossoms.

  • Gyeongbokgung Palace

You can see not just the cherry blossoms, but to visit as well as Seoul’s most notable landmarks.

  • Seoul Forest

It’s a great place for picnic areas and has a lot of walking paths, perfect for you while seeing the cherry trees that bloom beautifully.

Why is it better to visit Korea in Summer?(July to August)

The short summer is the most sizzling season in South Korea. Temperatures may run in the range of 23°C and 30°C yet this is additionally the wettest season of the entire year, with the storm downpours bringing half of the nation’s yearly rainfall during these months. 

It very well may be inconceivably humid so you may wind up looking for safe-haven in the many cooled spaces of Seoul or relishing the sea breezes of seaside urban areas like Busan, where the acclaimed Haeundae Beach is packed with individuals and parasols, and the southern occasion island of Jeju.

Here are a few lists of best beach day trips from Seoul

  • Eurwangni beach

It has shallow water and clean white sand that is located near Incheon International Airport.

  • Naksan beach

Considered as a great spot when you want to watch the sunrise and to enjoy different water activities.

  • Daecheon beach

It is known as the largest beach on South Korea’s west coast, and you need to travel around three hours from Seoul to the Boryeong city which it is located.

  • Muchangpo Tideland

It is a manmade beach which is ideal whenever you want to watch sunsets. It’s just a half-hour trip from Daecheon beach.

Why is it better to visit Korea in Autumn? (September to November)

When the moist warmth and downpours of summer have passed, South Korea indeed blasts into color and celebrations go to the front. Dazzling shades of orange and red pepper the autumnal scenes – especially all through the nation’s National Parks, for instance, Jirisan, Songnisan, and Seoraksan. 

Long into October, the climate is typically mild enough to don a shirt during the day in the coastline resorts of Jeju – and significantly higher in the hills – yet after this, you should consider adding some extra layers. 

The light temperatures (avg temp: 19-21°C), low downpour, and natural magnificence make autumn a solid competitor to spring as the best season to visit South Korea.

Here are a few lists of best places to see the autumn leaves

  • Changdeokgung Palace

This palace is considered as one of the most amazing places to see fall foliage with overhanging branches.

  • Deoksugung Palace

This place is considered as perfect for a romantic stroll. It has a Stone Wall Road and is lined with yellow ginko trees.

  • Namsan Park

It is the largest park located in Seoul. Home to a huge network of hiking trails that are lined with dense trees and sporting astonishing foliage.

  • Seoul Fortress

You can enjoy the fall sights on a stroll around the old city outline.

Why is it best to visit Korea in Winter? (December to March)

South Korea is undoubtedly a place where there are boundaries and no place is this more obvious than in the abrupt drop of temperature that winter brings. From summer highs of 30°C the temperatures in winter can plunge to as low as – 20°C every so often in the northern locales of the Gangwon-do Province, despite the fact that it very well may be essentially milder along the southern coast and on the holiday island of Jeju in the far south. 

Fresh, white snow can be anticipated making sentimental perspectives you can definitely enjoy without the madding crowds of spring. Winter sports lovers can appreciate ski-ing and snowboarding at the ski resorts located in the Gyeonggi-do Province and in Gangwon-do which sees a higher than usual yearly snowfall.

Here are a few lists of best ski resorts near Seoul

  • Jisan Forest Resort

Perfect place for a day or even weekend ski trip. Plus, it has a good combination of beginner and intermediate slopes with great amenities.

  • Daemyung Vivaldi Park Ski Resort

It is a popular destination among Seoulites despite the fact that it’s a 30 minutes away trip from the city.

  • Bears Town Ski Resort

It is a popular destination for most families and snowboarders. A trip around 50 minutes from Seoul.

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