When is the Best Time to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam is a wonderful travel destination to visit any month of the year since there is nothing to worry about when planning for a vacation in this beautiful country.

But of course, it always depends on individuals’ preferences as well as packing purposes to pick the most appropriate time for them to make their trip memorable and convenient.

Moreover, the country has a more-than-2000-mile coastline starting from the North to South, which divides the climate of Vietnam into different types of weather on various geographic locales and seasonal climate the entire year.

From May to September, Vietnam has a tropical climate that is influenced by the southwest monsoon, whereas October to April is influenced by the northeast monsoon.

For the most part, the best time to visit Vietnam is around March – April, and October – December when there are a lot of celebrations and festivities and the climate is good and comfy as well.

Why is it better to visit Vietnam in Spring?

Best Time to go to Vietnam

In February, the temperature is dry and rising in almost part of the country, which makes it the most ideal climate conditions.

At the beginning of springtime, the north part of Vietnam experiences little rains and cool days with an average temperature of 17°C, while the Central and Southern parts have warm seawater and clear skies. Typically, the average temperature of the Central part is 25°C, and the South is 27°C. 

This is why spring is recognized as the best time to plan a trip to Vietnam. With having so many kinds of activities and amazing spots to visit all around the country, definitely, your vacation will be delightful and unforgettable. 

Additionally, based upon the huge number of tourists coming to the North enjoying the fresh air and festive season – springtime must be the most favorable season to visit Vietnam.

Here are a few lists of activities you can do during the spring in Vietnam 

  • You can always do hiking or trekking  in the Central and North Highlands 
  • Witness the blooming seasons in the northern part of mountainous areas
  • Able to celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year
  • You can always book for an overnight cruise in Halong Bay
  • Wander and explore the magnificent caves located  in Phong Nha
  • You can also soak up the sun on the coast beaches located in the southern and central part of Vietnam

Why is it better to visit Vietnam in Summer?

Best Time to go to Vietnam

When May comes, it is an indication of the new season in Vietnam, summer in the North, and storm season in the Central and South. You can barely feel the warmth and often downpour toward the beginning of May.

The North is still vibrant and dry with the most extreme temperature of 30°C. The Central has the best atmosphere in May; then, the South is getting blistering with short evening deluges. 

Summer is the best and ideal time to head out to great beaches in Vietnam as you have the opportunity to enjoy and feel relaxed in the seascape without any limit. 

Here are a few lists of activities you can do during the summer in Vietnam

  • If you love taking pictures, you can always go to lavender hills at Sun World Fansipan Legend, Sapa to capture good pictures
  • If you prefer to have sunbathing, you can visit the central coastline beaches in Lang Co, Non-Nuoc, Cua Dai Beach, and so on.
  • You can also wander around the caves in Halong Bay and Phong Nha 
  • You can go sand sliding in Mui Ne
  • If you want to feel relax, you can always sit back on the sandy beaches of Phu Quoc and Nha Trang 
  • Visit and take some time to stroll around the ancient town of Hoi An

Why is it better to visit Vietnam in Autumn?

As the beginning of autumn, September is perhaps the greatest month to visit Vietnam, when the downpour and temperature significantly in the North. 

In the central and south highlands, the blustery season actually happens to cause flooding in some primary destinations such as Hoi A, Ho Chi Minh City, Phong Nha – Ke Bang, and Mekong Delta. 

Autumn is considered the best season to visit Vietnam, it’s because there is a bounty of perfect attractions and fascinating activities to uncover. Vietnam autumn will incredibly give you a special time to witness a romantic Hanoi with yellow leaves falling wherever streets

Here re a few lists of activities you can do during the autumn in Vietnam 

  • You can always go trekking/ hiking to hill tribe villages located in Sapa
  • If you want to see the golden rice terraces then just go to Mu Cang Chai
  • Witness the best ever sight of wild sunflowers in Da Lat and buckwheat flowers in Ha Giang 
  • You can also take a Halong Bay cruise tour in 2 or 3 days

Why is it better to visit Vietnam in Winter?

December is perhaps the driest month in Vietnam, making minimal downpour in many areas of the country. In the North part of Vietnam, the beginning of winter welcomes balmy temperatures of  20°C average, crisp breezes, and occasional drizzles.

In the central part of Vietnam, the end date of the stormy season offers normal temperatures of 24°C and the scenes become more staggering in their unique delights. In the South, it is always radiant with temperatures averaging at 26°C. 

Here are a few lists of activities you can do during the winter in Vietnam

  • You may experience the extremely cold temperature in the northern mountains as well as snowfall only in Sapa
  • You’ll be able to eat and taste appetizing local dishes despite Hanoi winter
  • You can join any water activities in the southern coast of Vietnam, specifically in Mui Ne and  Phu Quoc Island
  • You may learn about Vietnamese traditions as well as customs on the special day of the Tet Holiday.
  • During wintertime in Northern Vietnam, it is said that trekking is the best thing to do.

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