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South Korea

The Best Cities in South Korea

By Culturenesia | April 5, 2022

Looking at South Korea now, it’s hard to imagine that this thriving and developed country was once ranked as one of the world’s poorest states. In less than fifty years, it has undergone one of the largest economic transformations and is now ranked in the top 10 largest world economies. Innovation and technology are the…

The Best Rural Destinations in South Korea

By Culturenesia | January 18, 2022

South Korea is more than just the famous Seoul. And while it’s true that the capital is a sight to marvel upon, beyond its city lights, skyscrapers, and metro life lies the beauty and calmness of rural destinations in South Korea.  If you are looking for a welcomed change in your itinerary, beyond the metro…

The Best Things To Do in South Korea

By Culturenesia | October 22, 2021

To travel to a country with good food, impressive architecture, joyful festivals, and a rich culture must be a dream. Good thing South Korea has it all. It is an incredible country to explore with just a perfect balance of cities and countrysides.  To make the travel worth it, here are the best things to…


The 8 Best Historical Sites in China

By Culturenesia | April 16, 2022

China is one of the world’s four ancient civilizations and is a country enveloped in valuable history and culture. Even after its rapid economic growth, historical sites in China are preserved and are the embodiment of a fascinating culture that dates back nearly 5,000 years ago. These ancient destinations are proof of the skillful workmanship…

The Best Things To Do in China

By Culturenesia | October 29, 2021

There are a million and one best things to do in China and unless you’ve lived all your life there, it’s just impossible to go and do each and every single thing in a span of a few days or weeks. The country is both a metro dream and a countryside fantasy with a lot…

The 10 of China’s Beautiful Small Villages

By mardonneyarcenas | October 8, 2021

China has urbanized rapidly and still continues to do so. It has changed so much over the past few decades that you won’t be able to imagine its growth from ancestral pictures.  But despite numerous skyscrapers and tech innovations, away from the metropolis are charming rural areas where China’s beautiful small villages reside. Likeng Village…


The Best Cities to Visit in Japan

By Culturenesia | March 18, 2022

Japan consists of more than 6,000 islands, forming one of the most populated countries in the world with over 125 million people. It is a nation rich in tradition, culture, and technology, and each city offers a unique perspective of Japanese culture. If you’ve been wanting to travel to this country for some time now,…

The Best Things To Do in Japan

By Culturenesia | November 12, 2021

Japan has always managed to enthrall visitors with the perfect balance of ancient, countryside and modernization. And we’ve heard hundreds, if not thousands, of tourists who vow that Japan is the country they can’t seem to stop visiting.  If you are interested in what are the things that people keep on going back to, we’ve…

The Best 8 Japanese Countryside Destinations You Must Visit

By Culturenesia | September 24, 2021

Japan’s major cities are a sight to behold. There are always interesting activities to do and places to visit. It’s no wonder why this country had 31.8 million international visitors in 2019 alone. But if you’re keeping your doors open for metro cities only, you are seriously missing out on a lot.  Aside from its…


Philippines: The Best Places to Go for Your First Time Visit

By Culturenesia | August 27, 2020

Are you a first time traveler to the Philippines? Have you ever wondered what is in store for you when you visit the country? Are you enthused to discover the best places that it can offer? Well, this article is perfect for you to read and learn about. For today, I will be sharing to…

The Best Philippine Food Everyone Must Try!

By Culturenesia | August 28, 2020

Food is a part and parcel of our everyday life. It provides us with the necessary nutrients and minerals that are essential in our growth, development and in the boosting of our Immune System. In every country that we visit, in the different parts of the world, food is one of the most exciting aspects…

The Hidden Gems of Philippine Culture

By Culturenesia | August 28, 2020

Culture is an aspect of every country that envelopes the practice of traditions, beliefs and rituals by its people living in it. It serves as a national identity that every person can present to the rest of the world which will carry a description of his or her roots and will give him or her,…


10 Surprising Things About Thailand

By Culturenesia | January 6, 2021

Thailand is known worldwide for its superb limestone cliffs, charming locals, and picture-postcard seashores and coastlines.  A great country that offers a lot of extraordinary things to everyone who wishes to visit this wonderful place. Additionally, the thirteenth FRIENDLIEST COUNTRY of the world unquestionably has more to offer than meets the eye.  Numerous things would…

Thai Culture

By Culturenesia | September 15, 2020

Thailand’s culture has changed immensely throughout the ages. Thailand was relatively isolated in the Sukhothai era and was more contemporaneous during the Ayutthaya era, which was impacted by different types of inspiration throughout Asia. Some Southeast Asian, Chinese, Burmese, Indian, and several other influencers still appear in customary Thai culture. Animism, Westernization, and Buddhism have…

Thai Etiquette and Culture: What Visitors Must Keep in Mind

By Culturenesia | September 15, 2020

Etiquette and Culture are two intertwined facets, tenets and aspects that each and everyone of us as separate individuals and groups of people must remember, keep into mind, put into heart, and in the long run, incorporate into our daily action. Each country, community, society and continent that we go to for a trip, travel…


The 5 Best Cities to Visit in Vietnam

By Culturenesia | April 5, 2022

With captivating white sandy beaches, lush forests, busy streets, and bustling nightlife, Vietnam is one of the must-visit countries in Asia. The country is a wonderful mixture of age-old and modern and has a fantastic rural life that tourists can visit and explore as well. But if you are more into the ambiance that a…

The Must-Visit Villages in Vietnam

By Culturenesia | March 9, 2022

Vietnam offers an excellent tourist experience with the bustle and hustle of its metro cities like Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang. If you are seeking for a calmer and more tranquil vacation, Vietnam doesn’t come short for the country is littered with beautiful traditional villages worth visiting. In this article, we’ve rounded up…

The Best Things To Do in Vietnam

By Culturenesia | December 9, 2021

Vietnam has never come short when it comes to attractions and that also means, it has never failed to offer interesting activities for both tourists and locals to enjoy. It’s no question why this country has millions of visitors each year! With so many to do, we’ve narrowed down the best things to do in…

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