What to Expect in Vietnam

What to Expect in Vietnam

Vietnam has much more to it than the conventional assumption of tapering hats and rice paddies.

Here, you’re sure to see a country full of life and energy. You’re also sure to notice it in all of the activity occurring in the towns and cities. This will be apparent in the way that you are welcomed into the homes of the Vietnamese, in the way you are invited to sample their foods, and in the joy, they feel when teaching you about all of their cultural riches.

In other words, there is never a more exciting time to visit than now!

What to Expect in Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam

Vietnam has gained many characters of its culture due to an endless book of history wrapped in a trickle of external influence. After everything, the people of Vietnam continue to hold in great honor their traditional ways of life.

The major cities of Hue and Hoi An are travel necessities for cultivation enthusiasts, just like Hanoi which is the historical capital of the country.

Beyond these cities, several features of Vietnamese customs date back to years of wet rice cultivating, food events, and dining etiquette. Immersing oneself self in the roots of Vietnamese culture may be done in numerous ways, such as by enrolling in a cooking class or a crafting workshop, a sanctuary tour, a musical performance, or a museum visit.

Halong Bay

Vietnam is definitely quite diverse and the possibilities are endless!

If you are a nature fanatic, there are numerous interesting popular attractions from which to choose.

Far-distance bicycling and motorcycle voyages are optimal for catching every view of the open mountain passages and the sun-soaked rice meadows.

Vietnam will provide aquatic fanatics with great scuba diving trips in Nha Trang, fun kitesurfing adventures in Mui Ne, and sparkling beach vacationing in Con Dao and Phu Quoc. Sail and paddleboard through magnificent Halong Bay or prepare your leg muscles for the grand cave arrangements in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

If you’re planning a romantic trip with your significant other, devise a riverside getaway in the Mekong Delta or venture into the infamous woods of Dalat.

If aspiring to enjoy the entirety of Vietnam’s nature, each of the sites is greatly thrilling and likely limitless.

Phu Quoc

The joyous sensation of feeling the gritty sand on your feet, the warm sun on your face, and the cool water in your hair are not too far from reach when adventuring in Vietnam.

There are numerous beaches for you to visit – some of them exceedingly popular and some of them entirely vacant. The picturesque islands of Con Dao and Phu Quoc are known for their attractive waters and immaculate shorelines. If you are partial to some activities and entertainment interspersed with your seaside vacations, Vietnam’s shoreline cities of Da Nang and Nha Trang will provide that for you.

Are you in need of escaping the fast pace of the world? The modest city of Quy Nhon is a less popular one and is in no way crowded. Are you seeking a trip that’s even more remote? Raise your standards for the Cham Islands or Tam Ky in Central Vietnam.

Ha Giang

Adventures in Vietnam are presented in many ways – from the jaw-dropping mountain passages in Ha Giang to the awe-inciting caverns in Phong Nha to the desolate waves in Mui Ne.

If you are more of an adventurist, you’ll discover a remarkable variation of adventures to choose from in Vietnam. In all honesty, you would likely need a few outings just to start off! If this is your very first time visiting Vietnam, several of this country’s most strongly valued open-air recreation activities involve motorcycling through the Hai Van Pass, wandering through Sapa’s lush rice promenades, and mountaineering in Ha Long Bay.

No matter if you prefer scuba diving, spelunking, cycling, or canyoning, Vietnam offers reasonably-priced activities to you and some very picture-worthy journeys. Remember to look at our event schedule for the listed upcoming marathons and other events.

Vietnam’s diversity of scenery and cultural trends ensure that this will be an excellent country to visit.

As for the ‘learn as you go’ types, take your time and you’ll be guaranteed to experience all of the great activities from which to choose in this awe-inspiring country.

From trips that reinforce cultural minorities to inns that conserve the ecological environment, Vietnam has a few tips for regular travelers.

Ho Chi Minh City

Although the countryside of Vietnam gives off a tranquil type of enchantment, each city has an inherent appeal of its own.

Catch a glimpse of the inner-city Vietnamese customs while staying in Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City for a few days.

Here, you will experience first-class dining while experiencing quick, inexpensive street food, the antique pagodas beside the five-star hotels, and sparkling shopping centers near the busy, energetic markets.

The city of Hanoi is filled with lakes and its classic, cultural gems will intrigue anyone who has a love for history. Ho Chi Minh City is irresistibly energetic and is inherent in the hip, rooftop venues, contemporary coworking places, and colonial-styled teashops.

Remember to try hopping on a scooter at least once on this visit to give the beat of urban Vietnam an honest feel.

Da Nang

In addition to its stunning attractions of nature and its vibrant city life, Vietnam is the ideal country in which to be indulging the more luxurious aspects of life.

Regardless of what luxury is to you – whether it be award-achieving golfing ranges, organic spa sites, or personalized cruise voyages – you’ll definitely appreciate learning about Vietnam’s personal version.

Visit the sunlit coasts of Da Nang and Nha Trang for a taste of their lavish hotels and famous golfing sites. As for those who are a little more energetic, lodge in or around one of the lively cities of Vietnam in a riverside retreat or colonial-styled inn.

As for those who love to shop, each boutique of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City will captivate you with its provincial, extravagant brands and a long list of high-quality trades. If complete seclusion is what you’d like, this can be found on the island of Con Dao and in less-known locations like Cam Ranh and Bai Tram.